Re: MD Re: Is Morality relative?

From: Platt Holden (
Date: Wed Dec 15 2004 - 12:47:25 GMT

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    Hi Horse,

    > . . .in order to state
    > that something is absolute one needs absolute knowledge.

    Is this not an absolute truth?

    > If something is
    > absolute then it is so in all possible worlds and at all times.

     Another absolute truth?

    > Given that
    > humans do not have this knowledge making such statements is pontless and
    > without meaning.

    So it's an absolute truth that making absolute statements is pointless and
    without meaning?

    > I suppose Platt will say that this is an absolute
    > statement but, given the above, this would be incorrect.

    Run that by mean again. I see two absolute premises and an absolute
    Pray, what am I missing?

    But more importantly, at this time of year it's well to count one's
    blessings and give thanks to those who have been special friends
    throughout the year. Thus, to you for your dedication to making this site
    available to me and all contributors the MD, my heartfelt thanks and best
    wishes for a joyful holiday season.


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