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Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 23:05:48 GMT

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    I will try and break these things down, IMO.
    First, should all drugs be legalized? I don't know. What I do know is that
    the separation of drugs as far as what is socially OK and what is not stands to
     reason. But I don't just look at the "drug" part of this question, rather
    the "concept" we have. While alcohol is socially acceptable marijuana is not.
    (Using these two examples) I have to say that the perception we have towards
    alcohol is that it's fun, manly, belongs...Marijuana is perceived as evil,
    leading to worse drugs, mentally depleting...Now, alcohol kills brain cells too.
    Both drugs are dangerous if consumed and that person is put behind a
    mechanical device. So I ask you what is the difference because I'm not sure I can
    take a side definitively.
    So, should all drugs be illegal or not? At this point in time, if you make
    one legal then why shouldn't they all be legal? about starting by
    changing the perception through education and getting rid of the "only evil
    criminals do drugs attitude".
    Advertising appealing to romance, status and money...YES! How about the
    advertising of Threat Levels, Heroism (Bush in the flight suit), Yellow Ribbons
    (Support the troops?!?! More like War is Good)...
    "Put the public official who takes a bribe in jail."
    With this do you mean "Kenny Boy"??? Yeah, right!
    "What "slap on the wrist" are you talking about?"
    (Refer to above!)

    "Drugs are in the poorer neighborhoods because it's a way to make money
    illegally. I'm for legalizing drugs to put an end to that criminal
    behavior. As for drug "prevalence," it's not just in the slums by a long
    I agree to putting an end to criminal drug behavior. Yet we still have a
    drug user getting 20 year sentences and the Senator who killed the motorcyclist
    received what??? 6 months probation!

    "Well, it seems you are being very judgmental about a lot of things."
    Maybe I'm a product of my environment!!!

    "Did it ever occur to you that maybe some of them are criminals, thieves
    and drug addicts?"
    I know drugs can lead to crime. Again, I think that our perception of
    evilness can funnel the reasoning. Look at the whole picture on this one. Example -
    if I served time for possessing a dime bag of marijuana for my personal
    consumption I would leave jail and become a productive citizen with a good job,

    "Your beginning to sound like those intellectuals that Pirsig talked about:

    "Phaedrus remembered parties in the fifties and sixties full of liberal
    intellectuals like himself who actually admired the criminal types that
    sometimes showed up. "Here we are," they seemed to believe, "drug pushers,
    flower children, anarchists, civil rights workers, college professors-
    we're all just comrades-in-arms against the cruel and corrupt social
    system that is really the enemy of us all." (Lila, 24)"
    I really try not to be like that but I find so much of what has been taught
    to me makes me think like "those intellectuals".

    "I"ve never considered you a "druggie." But, if pursuing DQ depends on
    getting high, why not get high on a daily basis?"
    No, I know you didn't label me a druggie. No harm, no foul! But getting high
    on a daily basis is illegal. Getting high once a year is still illegal. The
    more chances you take the more chances of getting caught exist. I don't mean
    this in jest. I also don't mean that I crave for it but the "little angel on
    my shoulder tells me otherwise" either.

    "I consider rock a primitive throwback to jungle music. Take away the beat,
    the amplifiers, the strobe lights and the pot and what's left?"
    If you speak of the Britney Spears and the one-hit-wonders, I agree. But if
    you're talking about the Pink Floyds and the Queensryches and the "concept
    bands", I strongly disagree!

    Dan H

    PS - Platt, I hope I am not coming off too confrontational. I have enjoyed
    reading all of your responses and look forward to your words enlightening my
    mind, seriously!

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