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Date: Fri Dec 17 2004 - 15:20:08 GMT

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    > First, should all drugs be legalized? I don't know. What I do know is that
    > the separation of drugs as far as what is socially OK and what is not
    > stands to
    > reason. But I don't just look at the "drug" part of this question, rather
    > the "concept" we have. While alcohol is socially acceptable marijuana is
    > not. (Using these two examples) I have to say that the perception we have
    > towards alcohol is that it's fun, manly, belongs...Marijuana is perceived
    > as evil, leading to worse drugs, mentally depleting...Now, alcohol kills
    > brain cells too. Both drugs are dangerous if consumed and that person is
    > put behind a mechanical device. So I ask you what is the difference
    > because I'm not sure I can take a side definitively. So, should all drugs
    > be illegal or not? At this point in time, if you make one legal then why
    > shouldn't they all be legal? about starting by changing the
    > perception through education and getting rid of the "only evil criminals
    > do drugs attitude".

    I think many parents fear if their children start smoking pot they will be
    tempted to try other, harder drugs with resultant long-range (in some
    cases, short-range) harm, either to themselves or to others. That's why
    our educational system tries to inculcate a "Just say no." attitude.
    Likewise, there are many educational efforts to reduce alcohol based DUI's
    including the "designated driver" campaign.

    > Advertising appealing to romance, status and money...YES! How about the
    > advertising of Threat Levels, Heroism (Bush in the flight suit), Yellow
    > Ribbons (Support the troops?!?! More like War is Good)...

    Well, how about the advertising of Bush as Hitler, or Bush as AWOL, or
    Bush as a believer in God? I don't think you can say one side is worse or
    better than the other.

    > "Put the public official who takes a bribe in jail."
    > With this do you mean "Kenny Boy"??? Yeah, right!

    Kenny Boy? Who he? Is he a congressman who took a bribe to vote a certain
    way? That's what I was referring to.

    > I agree to putting an end to criminal drug behavior. Yet we still
    > have a drug user getting 20 year sentences and the Senator who killed the
    > motorcyclist received what??? 6 months probation!

    What Senator and drug user do you mean?

    > "Well, it seems you are being very judgmental about a lot of things."
    > Maybe I'm a product of my environment!!!

    I don't know of any human being who isn't judgmental, regardless of
    environment. Even Jesus who advised "Judge that ye be not judged" was
    making a judgment.

    > Again, I think that our
    > perception of evilness can funnel the reasoning. Look at the whole picture
    > on this one. Example - if I served time for possessing a dime bag of
    > marijuana for my personal consumption I would leave jail and become a
    > productive citizen with a good job, right???

    Who has gone to jail possessing a dime bag of pot?
    > PS - Platt, I hope I am not coming off too confrontational. I have enjoyed
    > reading all of your responses and look forward to your words enlightening
    > my mind, seriously!
    I don't think you're coming across as confrontational. In fact, I
    appreciate your challenging my beliefs because in defending them in
    writing I'm forced to consider them in greater depth by examining my basic
    premises. I also appreciate that even though you may strongly disagree
    with my positions, you have never have resorted to personal attacks To me
    that's a mark not only of your goodwill, but high intelligence.


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