RE: MD Mysticism or Cosmic Debris?

From: Dan Glover (
Date: Sun Dec 19 2004 - 22:09:49 GMT

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    Hello everyone

    >From: "Mark Steven Heyman" <>
    >Subject: MD Mysticism or Cosmic Debris?
    >Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 22:16:01 -0800
    >Hi all,
    >I've been enjoying the recent spate of posts re mysticism, and must
    >admit I'm attracted to the idea that, from time, Reality drops her
    >drawers, if ever so briefly.

    Hi Mark

    Me too.

    >I don't want to seem overly cynical about this, but it seems like the
    >paths to guided enlightenment are directly proportional to one's
    >disposable income, I just don't get the sense that the gurus are
    >working the ghettos.

    It's not my place to judge whether or not you're being cynical but I'd like
    to ask: How do you know? Have you lived in or visited many ghettos? A "yes"
    to either question would in my opinion lend a great deal more credence to
    your words than saying so makes it.

    I been in ghettos but it's been the rarity rather than the rule. Mostly just
    to work on occasional rehab projects (yes there are people in ghettos who
    actually care about their surroundings!). Still, from what I understand,
    there are those folks who do live in or visit ghettos and by the nature of
    their deeds could be considered "gurus." Yet these people never seek
    aggrandizement so we haven't heard of them. Does that mean they don't exist?

    To your deeper question:

    I don't believe the paths to guided enlightenment are directly porportional
    to one's disposable income, but perhaps it helps. As the old saying goes,
    when you're up to your arse in alligators it's tough to remember that you're
    there to drain the swamp.

    I believe there are many paths but enlightenment we carry in our heart. I've
    heard it said that when a person is ready a door will open. Experience tells
    me this is a wise statement. But then again experience also tells me that a
    person meditates better when they're hungry.

    >Here ya go:
    >The mystery man came over.
    >He said: "I'm outta sight."
    >He said: "For a nominal service charge
    >You could reach Nirvana tonight."
    >If I was ready, willing and able
    >To pay him his regular fee,
    >He'd drop all the rest of his present affairs
    >And devote his attention to me!
    > Frank Zappa - Cosmic Debris

    What with winter fast coming on, I think we should make sure to heed Mr.
    Zappa's advice on yellow snow too.

    Thank you for your comments,


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