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Date: Mon Dec 27 2004 - 16:57:23 GMT

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    Hi Ian

    The lecture was given at the Association of Humanistic Psychology
    Conference (titled "Values - The Heart of the Matter") held in San Diego
    in 1993. The tapes of the lecture are available to purchase from the
    Conference Recording Services website (I was made aware of the tapes by
    Mark Maxwell). As far as I can tell from the tapes, Pirsig was invited
    to give the talk by a guy called Chip Baggett who seems to be an

    The transcription is my own. I have only transcribed excerpts as much of
    the lecture is taken directly from ZMM and LILA. Pirsig has checked my
    transcription for errors (thanks to Anthony McWatt).

    The lecture has some really good parts, particularly where he holds Q&A
    sessions with the audience, when he shares personal recollections about
    the time period covered in ZMM and when he talks about the creative
    problems he had writing LILA. He is a good speaker and comes across as
    genuine, passionate and amusing.

    I'm glad you found the excerpts interesting.



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