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Date: Mon Dec 27 2004 - 17:51:27 GMT

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    > At 10:53 PM 12/26/2004 -0500, you wrote:
    > >My point would be that you do not convert these people to a better
    > >idea by telling them their religion is wrong; you must show them how what
    > >you offer has a higher Quality. As opposed to denying their God, you must
    > >show how their God is the same, such as in the Source.
    > I don't know how to convince other people. I'm convinced enough to be
    > reading about Zen practices and philosophy. I'm convinced enough to make
    > some changes in my habits and again start a meditation practice. When I
    > first read ZMM, every cell in my body was nodding yes. I didn't need to
    > convinced. LILA added clarification to my intuition. But I don't travel
    > in a straight line, so here has been a long time coming. The most I have
    > ever done for other people was to give them ZMM and/or the movie MINDWALK
    > (many copies).

    Hi Marsha,

    This begs the question "Can you have a mystical experience through a movie
    or a book?"

    The movie I am thinking about is "A River Runs Through It."

    This movie touched my heart and soul (as well as ZMM and "Lila.") It seems I
    was not alone. In fact, I can credit this movie for the turning point in my
    life which led me to hiking (or so it seems). The forests of the Pisga
    National Forest will never be the same. My favorite spot, Steele Creek and
    Wilson Creek no longer represent any simulation of solitude. On the
    weekends, it is nothing but a huge party, and even through the week you are
    no longer alone with nature. I personally feel this movie stirred the
    interest in fly fishing that led to the overcrowding of these areas. To find
    my little Montana, it is now required to hike miles into the mountains, as
    opposed to just driving up to the creek.

    Don't get me wrong, I have been known to party with the locals on the
    weekends up there as well; seems they are much more 'Injun' than European.

    Marsha) -- My initial concern was with Sam and DMB. I wanted them to pause
    for a
    > moment before they hurt each other. It's really not my business, though.
    Chin) -- Don't worry. If they kill each other (their persona) they will most
    likely come to an enlightenment much higher rhan either one are capable of
    now. If they continue to stick with it, they will either become closer than
    they ever have been, or go their separate ways. The one that goes their
    separate way will most likely be the loser from the experience.

    BTW, I think you know more than you think you do. In an earlier reply;

    Marsha) -- After I sent he email I had second thoughts. I'm not so sure law
    is of the Intellectual Level. Law is at the service of the Social Level
    through government, and a dictatorship is a form of government. I retract
    my statement. I just don't know.

    Chin) -- Any control over society other than society policing itself is a
    form of dictatorship; a lower form of evolution trying to control a higher

    I must, as I have already done (did the email post? I cant remember),
    retract my statement that society depends on religion.

    Second thoughts are only a beginning to understanding. As long as we are
    open, these second thoughts will take themselves to the umpteenth degree.
    This is how we keep from becoming static. I'm sure dmb and Sam recognize
    this as well, if not much more so than you or I. (neither may admit the
    other does ;)

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