Re: MD Is the MoQ still in the Kantosphere?

From: MarshaV (
Date: Mon Dec 27 2004 - 12:00:48 GMT

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    At 10:53 PM 12/26/2004 -0500, you wrote:
    >My point would be that you do not convert these people to a better Quality
    >idea by telling them their religion is wrong; you must show them how what
    >you offer has a higher Quality. As opposed to denying their God, you must
    >show how their God is the same, such as in the Source.

    I don't know how to convince other people. I'm convinced enough to be
    reading about Zen practices and philosophy. I'm convinced enough to make
    some changes in my habits and again start a meditation practice. When I
    first read ZMM, every cell in my body was nodding yes. I didn't need to be
    convinced. LILA added clarification to my intuition. But I don't travel
    in a straight line, so here has been a long time coming. The most I have
    ever done for other people was to give them ZMM and/or the movie MINDWALK
    (many copies).

    My initial concern was with Sam and DMB. I wanted them to pause for a
    moment before they hurt each other. It's really not my business, though.

    I'd like to be quiet now.


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