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    > I second that curiosity. I have another too, regarding what your
    > apparently agreed 'degeneracy' is referring to, specifically what
    > degenerate behaviour you think is 'motivated by a desire for DQ'.
    Hi Adam,

    Chin) -- A few examples of "degenerate behaviour you think is 'motivated by
    a desire for DQ'" would be Jesus, Joan of Arc, and Robert Pirsig. Below,
    stated as what "Chin wrote:" I didn't (don't think) wrote. I'm not sure what
    it is in context with.

    As far as degeneracy, it is judged by the culture. The culture is defined by
    its mythos of the day, and anyone outside this mythos would be viewed as
    degeneracy, or a similar view, which simply means outside of the current
    reality as those in the culture see it.

    Another example might have been Socrates who was put to his death for
    speaking against the gods; the current mythos.

    In "Lila" Pirsig tells the story of Zuni Brujo to make the point. The Brujo
    was the one that saved the Zuni Tribe. As opposed to hanging him by his
    thumbs, they had put him to death, he would not have been able to do so.

    It would be the same as putting a criminal to death in modern society. You
    are destroying an idea holding entitiy. In the church, the saint is a
    degenerate to the pastor, as in within a fleeting moment, the saint can do
    damage it will take the pastor years to undo. The pastor does not need this
    DQ disturbing the static patterns of the church. In the classroom, the
    teacher does not need a genius, as this genius can also disturb the static
    patterns that allow the teacher to teach. In the culture, we don't need the
    Pirsigs to come along and disturb the static patterns that support the

    This mythos of the day is viewed by society as the only sane way. Society
    cannot see that this mythos is ever changing; it cannot view the mythos of
    the day as degenerate. The current view is never an illusion, only the
    mythos of the past is viewed as the illusion. The mythos of the day cannot
    be viewed in the same light as they will be viewed in the future.

    To kill a degenerate is to kill an idea.

    I am a bit close to this, as I see 1 in 10 children being encouraged to drop
    out of school due to the fact the school system cannot find a way to educate
    them. It seems the easy way out is to kill their ideas, as their ideas are
    not worthy if they cannot show proficiency in science, math, AND English
    literature. The teens I have worked with all had the same illusion. It was
    their illusion that the school did not want them in there; to me this is not
    an illusion. There is no doubt in my mind that society does not want these
    degenerates in the schools any more than the preacher wants a saint in his

    It is evil to destroy an idea, and all future ideas along with it; not only
    by killing the degnerate, but by destroying the degenerates capacity to join
    society as an equally productive member because it is the opinion of our
    current culture that there is no hope for these degenerates, or it is easier
    just to sweep them under the carpet.

    Collectively, we are the degenerates.

    Sorry, but I couldn't stop myself once I got started, and I am not going
    back to rewrite it.


    > On Tuesday, December 28, 2004, at 12:49 pm, MarshaV wrote:
    > > At 12:22 PM 12/27/2004 -0500, Chin wrote:
    > >> even more ridiculous beliefs from an even more obsolete religion in
    > >> an even
    > >> more reactionary way
    > >
    > > I'm curious. Would you explain what you mean?

    Hi Marsha,

    I don't remember writing this, but do seem to remember it as a part of what
    dmb wrote, maybe in reply to what I wrote(?)


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