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    Sam) -- That's exactly why I think ZMM is such a wonderful book

    Hi Sam,

    I do agree. ZMM is a "wonderful book." Each time I pick it up to read for
    reasons of clarity, such as in this case where I want to show where "Lila"
    needed to be written, I get lost in it; it sends rushes of Quality through
    my veins.

    Maybe this snippet might help to show how important "Lila" is to the
    understanding of Quality;

    There has been a haze, a backup problem in this Chautauqua so far; I talked
    about caring the first day and then realized I couldn't say anything
    meaningful about caring until its inverse side, Quality, is understood. I
    think it's important now to tie care to Quality by pointing out that care
    and Quality are internal and external aspects of the same thing. A person
    who sees Quality and feels it as he works is a person who cares. A person
    who cares about what he sees and does is a person who's bound to have some
    characteristics of Quality.
    Thus, if the problem of technological hopelessness is caused by absence of
    care, both by technologists and antitechnologists; and if care and Quality
    are external and internal aspects of the same thing, then it follows
    logically that what really causes technological hopelessness is absence of
    the perception of Quality in technology by both technologists and
    antitechnologists. Phædrus' mad pursuit of the rational, analytic and
    therefore technological meaning of the word "Quality" was really a pursuit
    of the answer to the whole problem of technological hopelessness. So it
    seems to me, anyway.
    So I backed up and shifted to the classic-romantic split that I think
    underlies the whole humanist-technological problem. But that too required a
    backup into the meaning of Quality.
    But to understand the meaning of Quality in classic terms required a backup
    into metaphysics and its relationship to everyday life. To do that required
    still another backup into the huge area that relates both metaphysics and
    everyday life...namely, formal reason. So I proceeded with formal reason up
    into metaphysics and then into Quality and then from Quality back down into
    metaphysics and science.
    Now we go still further down from science into technology, and I do believe
    that at last we are where I wanted to be in the first place.
    But now we have with us some concepts that greatly alter the whole
    understanding of things. Quality is the Buddha. Quality is scientific
    reality. Quality is the goal of Art. It remains to work these concepts into
    a practical, down-to-earth context, and for this there is nothing more
    practical or down-to-earth than what I have been talking about all
    along...the repair of an old motorcycle.

    This may not even be the best, but I couldn't include all the places in ZMM
    where the MOQ was needed for clarification.

    It is this whole mystical, scientific, artistic reality that needs to be
    united into a whole. What most of society sees as the higher intellectual is
    not the motorcycle mechanic. This Quality can not be seen only through the
    artistic caring that goes into doing a high Quality job, or the sweet spot
    of an athelete, it needs to be threaded into our total reality --
    everything -- everywhere.

    The intellect is the highest form of evolution, and the lonliness of a
    technological world needs an intellectual solution, an intellect that is
    just as much real in the motorcycle mechanic as it is the scientist; an
    intellect that includes value -- Quality.

    Yes, ZMM is a wonderful book. I never get lost in "Lila" the way I do ZMM,
    and "Lila" is not as moving as ZMM, but "Lila's" message is just as dynamic;
    just as important to our understanding of the world around us, and our
    harmony with the world around us.

    Don't you think?


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    > Hi Chin,
    > That's exactly why I think ZMM is such a wonderful book. Glad you got your
    moment of Quality and got
    > the establishment off your son's back.
    > Sam
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