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Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 12:50:15 GMT

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    Hi all...

    In this post I tell you about my reike course experience, about this forum
    and about their important relationship.

    I decided one day to follow a reiki course. I wanted to know what it was. My
    friends told me to go to the library and read about it before spending my
    money on this hocus pocus. Off course I read about it, even before my
    friends made their remarks about the plans. But still, I was very curious
    about it and I thought that only experience would bring experience. So I

     I had seen more of these gatherings where people with this certain interest
    in the undiscovered parts of our mind would talk about 'energy' and 'chakras
    '. I was interested but, let's say: I was scientifically interested. I
    wanted to know the truth and was skeptical about it all. But not to much,
    otherwise they would notice and I'd fell out the circle of believers. Not
    being able to penetrate this wall of cultural immunity again. I played along
    and was very convincing, I think.

    There where a lot of so called rituals that were very important for some of
    the people who where there that day. Reiki works with Chinese signs you have
    to remember. Waving your hand and drawing such a sign in the air could have
    all kinds of meanings. It could strengthen your aura for example. This was
    one of the parts of the course that was a little to much for me, making the
    disbelief even bigger. But, I had to keep my mind open and try it all. And
    so, again, I learned the signs and used them during the healing sessions.

    Those healing sessions where very special. Someone lies on a table and one
    or more persons stand around and are just resting their hands on the persons
    body. Some people I worked with would say they felt the reiki Energy. I felt
    nothing. Some said they 'saw' the energy. I saw nothing. I never saw a
    thing, and believe me, I tried. The only special about the sessions was that
    you had to touch someone. A stranger. Something you don't do so quickly.

    So, I was still skeptical, but went along with it all. After the course,
    some of us gathered again and decided to meet every week to heal each other.
    We did and than it was my turn.
    During my session I became very calm but nothing really special happened. I
    was disappointed. Someone asked, "What exactly do you expect?" That question
    came to me as.. You must believe it or it doesn't work. And because you don'
    t feel it working, you don't believe it. That question made the whole reiki
    thing some subjective thing not worth bothering about. (my prepirsig period)
    Then someone else said, "Let the boy heal you.. and tell me what you think".
    Afterwards this person told me that my energy was quit strong. I was
    stunned. This was not the intended course of inquiry. If one person of that
    group didn't believe what was going on, it was me! I decided to tell them I
    was a fraud. I expected them to be mad or something. But that didn't happen.
    They all nodded and said they all had their reasons to follow the reiki
    course. They told me that everybody chooses his temporarily religion one
    day. And If it helps you in your 'quest' why make a problem out of it. I was
    stunned again.

    This all has happened two years ago. Since that time I infiltrated into this
    social pattern called new age. And I even climbed their ladder for a while,
    making myself popular with my knowledge, insight and powers those people
    claimed me to posses. Then I read Lila and became aware of the patterns
    around the whole reiki thing.

    Normal life as we know it is being copied in such groups, with little
    differences that makes new patterns possible. But, it isn't as dynamic as
    one might expect it to be. It's another social pattern with its own
    intellectual patterns.

    For example, the Chinese symbols being used to channel or focus your energy
    is an intellectual pattern. The words that are being used are very different
    and come from al kinds of cultures. Cultures where talking and using your
    'bio-energy' is as common as knowing who Jesus was.. It all are social
    patterns. Making me pay for some initiation that was completely
    unnecessarily can't be anything else than a social pattern. A pattern that
    fits the rest of the world. In the big bad extern world we pay for quality.
    If a guru would say 'you already have the ability to heal people' we wouldn'
    t believe him. We, however, are willing to believe him after we paid for it.
    Stupid, indeed.

    I paid for a ritual. I paid for a social pattern. And it is this social and
    intellectual pattern that sticks to reiki, that is the biggest disadvantage
    in discovering the true nature behind the art of healing. It is the stamp
    that says 'weird' that makes it the biggest obstacle for real research.

    So, after considering the different levels and the conclusion that this
    new-age is an alternative culture that is going on I still wasn't sure about
    the part that started it all. I still had no answer about the possibility to
    heal someone else by touching them. And now that I sliced the reiki-culture
    into Pirsigs levels it became clear that their was something left. A part
    that had to be redefined to bring it into the intellectual level.

    Ofcourse, the power of healing is being brought into the intellectual
    before. Think about words like aura, karma, charka.. In the east we find
    cultures that work with energy and are able to talk about it without ending
    in a struggle. We, western people, have not got the proper patterns that let
    us talk and think about it. We do end up in a struggle between two major
    choices. It is like Patrick said:

    Patrick> The problem is, the 'psi' vs. the 'rational'
    worldviews seem to collide and seem inreconsilable  (so you seem forced
    to adopt only one or only the other)
    Just taking over their intellectual pattern and disregard our science will
    not happen I think. The power of healing (and other skills) must enter our
    intellectual pattern so we can, at last, work with it.
    And now we have a Metaphysical of Quality. In this forum we are able to
    redefine our reality and can try to reformulate the experiences we have in
    our life. We are drawn to come here. And that is not to show how much we
    know and how well we can defend our statements. We are not here to climb the
    social ladder, nor the Intellectual ladder. We are here because 'we' are the
    vehicles for our ideas. And our ideas come here to determine which ones can
    make it through the intellectual immune-system.  Which idea survives this
    concept-arena. And for what I have seen, the subject can be as simple or
    banal as 'define the quality of beer' to something controversial as our
    experiences with dharmakaya light. If our ideas didn't want to be heard,
    this forum wouldn't exist.
    Internet is full of research conclusions like Patrick showed us. But I think
    that most of those research is been done by SOM-scientists. Giving us
    information we have to rebuild from scratch into MoQ terminology. So, we
    have a task here. We are the ones to find every controversial and banal
    thing we can find and let our ideas hear.
    Things to do list:
    Healing chrystals
    Feng Shui
    Psionic  powers:
    Thanks for reading
    Have a nice day!
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