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Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 21:31:36 GMT

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    Dear Sam,

    What did you mean 1 Feb 2003 12:39:57 -0000 with 'dogmatic slumbers'??

    You probably know already that I share
    neither your view of the relations between the different MoQ levels in
    'social existence ... depends upon, ultimately, a willingness to use force
    in its defence. Where that willingness is lacking, that social existence is
    consumed by biological patterns of value.'
    nor your conclusion from this plus other premises that a war of the USA
    (plus a few other nations) against Iraq would be right at this moment or in
    the near future.

    My disagreement with your premise hinges on the idea that social progress
    can be measured by the decrease of force needed to enable human flourishing
    compared with the biological law of the jungle.
    My disagreement with your conclusion hinges on the availability of
    alternatives (especially continued inspections enforced by the UN -not the
    USA- to prevent Iraq from acquiring weapons of mass destruction and
    strengthening of the international court of justice to sentence criminal
    dictators) and on the 'job requirement' for a 'world policeman' to enforce
    the 'rule of law' indiscriminately against all criminal dictators (which
    doesn't seem to be met by the USA).

    I read that the Anglican church is against war against Iraq now. Can you
    explain to me why?
    I guess it has something to do with the requirements for a 'just war' not
    being met in the official Anglican view.
    It is good that Anglican priests are free to have an opinion that differs
    from that of their employer. I do expect you to be able to explain why you
    differ, however. Can you explain to me why according to you the
    requirements for a 'just war' ARE met now?

    With friendly greetings,


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