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Date: Sun Feb 02 2003 - 16:02:48 GMT

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    Hi Patrick:

    > So, how long will it take before the Darwins rise up? The age in the
    > beginning of the twentyfirst-century is different than Darwin's age. The
    > memetic infrastructure has drastically changed, see the internet and the
    > many more book-writers and scientists around here now, than was the case
    > 150 years ago. So there might be Darwins out there already, like Dean Radin
    > or Rupert Sheldrake, only they are outshouted by the many more other
    > book-writers and scientists.

    Other possible Darwins reside at Princeton University and many other
    places where scientists have proven that thoughts can affect inanimate
    objects. From the website comes the following:

    "In December 1989 Dean Radin of Princeton's Psychology Department
    and Roger Nelson of the PEAR lab published a paper on the meta-
    analysis of micro-PK experiments not, as might be expected, in a
    parapsychology journal but in the respected physics journal
    Foundations of Physics. Their paper was entitled, 'Evidence for
    consciousness-related anomalies in random physical systems.' In their
    analysis, Radin and Nelson tracked down 152 reports describing 597
    experimental studies and 235 control studies by 68 different
    investigators involving the influence of consciousness on microelectronic
    systems. Radin and Nelson's studies showed that the aggregate of all
    these trials dramatically provided powerful evidence for micro-PK. For
    they found that the odds against the overall result being the result of
    chance was 1 in 10 to the 35th power. To understand how unlikely it is
    that this result was obtained by chance, it is like finding a lottery ticket
    in the street, finding that it is the winning ticket and you have won first
    prize of millions -- and then continuing to find the winning lottery in the
    street every week for a thousand years. That such findings continue to
    be dismissed shows more clearly than anything could that the
    "skeptics" are not evaluating the data with extra care -- they are in

    Yes, the static patterns of scientism are indeed fierce--almost as fierce
    as the static patterns of anti-capitalism and anti-Americanism. :-)



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