RE: MD Wavelength reality

From: Patrick van den Berg (
Date: Sun Feb 02 2003 - 17:15:11 GMT

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    Hi Platt,

    > Yes, the static patterns of scientism are indeed fierce--almost as
    > fierce
    > as the static patterns of anti-capitalism and anti-Americanism. :-)

    Yes yes! But uhm, I don't wish to sound anti-capitalistic or/and
    anti-american; after all, the Netherlands are capitalistic too, and both
    America and Holland are part of the Western Culture. I just had to let
    it out, my capitalism=tumor comparison, only to return soon to my own
    dogmatic slumbers of keeping on doubting things, find truth and opinion
    in the middle-ground, and remain mildly and open. But nowadays, some
    polarization in these matters is difficult to refrain from sometimes.

    Take care, Patrick.

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