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Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 03:30:57 GMT

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    I am glad to hear that you are a teacher. My future wife and I are
    educators. In fact, we have just been selected for a program called Teach
    For America.

    <A HREF="">>

    TFA is committed to the idea that one day all children will have the
    opportunity to obtain an excellent education. There is a significant
    education gap in America, and TFA is committed to closing the gap by placing
    top college graduates from the nation's finest colleges in the most
    socioeconomically challenged school districts in the country.

    So, next year Stacey and I will be in the Mississippi Delta. She will teach
    English, and I will teach Social Studies.

    Obviously, I love Pirsig. I have a tattoo on the back of my neck that reads
    arete'. I am proud to say that I have a pirated copy of ZMM in a Word
    document. I give my current students the option of calling me Mr. Morrow or
    Phaedrus. They usually ask who Phaedrus is, and I explain that he was a
    teacher that found out that he really didn't know anything, so he tried to
    find out why.

    The debate that Stacey and I are engaged in right now is over teaching ZMM.
    She says that I relate to Phaedrus in a way that is uncommon. She also says
    that Pirsig is not for everybody, and everyone should be given the
    opportunity to approach ZMM under their own terms. The wife of the professor
    that introduced me to ZMM and Lila told us, before we can teach Pirsig to
    students who are typically 4 or 5 years behind their peers, we have to teach
    them what Quality is.

    This is a very long way of saying ... I want to talk about how to teach
    Pirsig to kids.

    Thank you,


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