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Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 06:52:03 GMT

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    Hi John from the Rock,

    Are you from Gibraltar? (Sorry if you've explained that before; must have
    missed it if you did).

    > So, it is much better if you are detailed and wrong, than being to the
    > point and right.

    I think his attitude was that there are trivial objections and substantial
    objections. When involved in the free play of ideas and debate, trivial
    objections are a hindrance not a help. They're the sort of objections that
    the person concerned would make for themselves as soon as they started to
    put down an idea in formal, 'official' language ie, as soon as they moved
    away from the informal arena.

    An example of a shallow objection - pointing out that it is 'hear, hear',
    not 'here, here' when you wish to express agreement with another person's

    An example of a good objection - Wim asking me how I reconciled what I had
    written with just war theory. I hadn't taken the trouble to work through the
    points before; doing so helped me to clarify things in my own mind (and
    hopefully clarified my approach for Wim).

    > I like Wittgenstein, he involved himself in something that when he
    > he was wrong he changed his point of view.

    One of Wittgenstein's friends (Keynes) said something to this effect: "When
    the facts change, sir, I change my mind. What do you do?" I've changed my
    mind about quite a few things since subscribing to this forum. It's a great
    place - it allows genuine meetings of minds. I hope my understanding will
    carry on improving for a long time. Who knows, perhaps one day I'll come to
    a complete agreement with DMB (grin).

    Cheers! It's been good to meet your mind over the last few months.


    "A good objection helps one forward, a shallow objection, even if it is
    valid, is wearisome." Wittgenstein

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