Re: MD The Quality of removing Saddam Hussein from power.

From: john williams (
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 12:19:37 GMT

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    Hi Sam,

    My response was based on comments you made that I assumed were aimed at me,
    it's OK I've got big shoulders and I'm not afraid to defend myself. Thanks
    for pointing out the spelling mistake I tapped that out so quickly I wasn't
    even thinking about the spelling. As Wittgenstien said, " it'sall about the

    I don't believe Empire America is in anyones interest.

    I'm Australian and live in a small village (about 800) with one outstanding
    feature, it is so outstanding in fact that they named the village after it,
    that's right, "The Rock".

    What I find interesting is that I agree with you that Suddam must go I just
    don't like president Shrub pretending that he is doing it for the right

    I wouldn't call your post on going to war the veiws of a conservative
    either, seems pretty radical to me.

    John from The Rock

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    > Sent on behalf of Sam (Elizaphanian) who is currently having problems with
    > his e-mail account:
    > Hi John from the Rock,
    > Are you from Gibraltar? (Sorry if you've explained that before; must have
    > missed it if you did).
    > > So, it is much better if you are detailed and wrong, than being to the
    > > point and right.
    > I think his attitude was that there are trivial objections and substantial
    > objections. When involved in the free play of ideas and debate, trivial
    > objections are a hindrance not a help. They're the sort of objections that
    > the person concerned would make for themselves as soon as they started to
    > put down an idea in formal, 'official' language ie, as soon as they moved
    > away from the informal arena.
    > An example of a shallow objection - pointing out that it is 'hear, hear',
    > not 'here, here' when you wish to express agreement with another person's
    > thoughts.
    > An example of a good objection - Wim asking me how I reconciled what I had
    > written with just war theory. I hadn't taken the trouble to work through
    > points before; doing so helped me to clarify things in my own mind (and
    > hopefully clarified my approach for Wim).
    > > I like Wittgenstein, he involved himself in something that when he
    > realised
    > > he was wrong he changed his point of view.
    > >
    > One of Wittgenstein's friends (Keynes) said something to this effect:
    > the facts change, sir, I change my mind. What do you do?" I've changed my
    > mind about quite a few things since subscribing to this forum. It's a
    > place - it allows genuine meetings of minds. I hope my understanding will
    > carry on improving for a long time. Who knows, perhaps one day I'll come
    > a complete agreement with DMB (grin).
    > Cheers! It's been good to meet your mind over the last few months.
    > Sam
    > "A good objection helps one forward, a shallow objection, even if it is
    > valid, is wearisome." Wittgenstein
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