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Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 09:15:47 GMT

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    Hi John,

    > I wouldn't call your post on going to war the veiws of a conservative
    either, seems pretty radical to me.

    Perhaps I shouldn't be accepting other people's (DMB's) descriptions of me
    then :o)

    Unlike almost all conservatives I've ever met, I do quite like reading
    Chomsky, for example, even when I disagree with his ultimate conclusions. I
    think authority can be justified more often than the 'rarely' in the
    quotation below - but I do agree that authority needs to be justified.
    That's the transition accomplished by, first and foremost, John Locke. Where
    my perspective differs from some others (eg Chomsky or DMB) is that I don't
    think 'reason' or 'intellect' is, by itself, an adequate guide - that there
    is a higher authority than that. But that's a whole other thread...


    "Anarchism is not a fixed set of ideas; it's a tendency in human thought
    that is trying to identify kinds of authority and domination and, if they
    can't justify themselves which they rarely can, to work to overcome them.
    that means overcoming state authority. It also means overcoming the
    autocracy of capitalist enterprise, which is simply another form of
    hierarchy and domination. It means overcoming sexist repression. Whatever
    you find. Sometimes authority can be justified. So, for example, you stop a
    three-year old kid from running across the street into traffic. That's
    authority, but I think you can give a justification for it. However, the
    burden of proof is always on those with the authority. They have to
    demonstrate that their authority and control is legitimate and that
    justification can very rarely be given." (Chomsky)

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