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Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 04:46:12 GMT

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    GJ wrote in ref to:
    Subject: RE: MD "practical" means what?

    This post is about: 1.specialists, 2. How some of us become lurkers, 3. a
    first step to narrow the gap between MoQ discussion group subjects and our
    daily life experiences.

    Mari says: GJ, This is not exactly what i had in mind. Your post is
    interesting as are so many posts here in the MoQdg and it does touch on a
    few areas that i mentioned. But i honestly have something else in mind when
    i talk about "practical application"; perhaps i need to give a "novel"
    example at some point. In the mean time let me see what i can do to address
    your post in a positively.
    What you call "specialists" can apply if those specialties were revealed.

    You said: "To call
    yourself a specialist in a field is a bit out of the ordinary. We rather
    have someone else to call us a specialist. The idea of telling the MoQdg
    about how great you are on certain matter is a bit strange."

    i say: Maybe you're right GJ...maybe that's part of the problem. But if we
    all found ourselves stranded together on island somewhere; *practically*
    speaking we would eventually need to know what each person did/does/was/is
    "best" at in order to survive "best". That just makes sense to me. Does it
    to you?
    Under such circumstances we might eventually find out things about our self
    and others that we didn't know because we were never "put to the test"
    "tested" "challenged" to see what we were/are capable of doing. Talk about
    exhaustive possibilities.....but again what is "practical" to our immediate
    needs would make the most sense of uncovering/discovering? Imagine if you
    were expected to do a "womans job" not because you are qualified to do the
    job but for all the wrong reasons. Type cast so to speak. Imagine still that
    no one asks you what you know or can do. Or worse yet when you spoke up you
    were dismissed because once again some stereotype characteristics. We could
    waste a lot of time talking about that which mattered less than what
    mattered more because we are not looking outside the box that society puts
    us in. Our "labels" impede progress holding back the idividule and the
    group. Is it possible that in someways that is happening her in this vacuum?
    On this island?

    The fact that you are in your words: " I am a school teacher. I'm currently
    trying to bring 23 eleven year olds in contact with the MoQ." says to me
    that you are putting MoQ into practical action. You're sharing your
    knowledge and asking the kids to take the info a play. Is this a little too
    liberal of an interpretation?
    This is something that you can report on and perhaps "we" can contribute to
    and participate in if you see that as being an action that will perpetuate
    and elevate MoQ to practical application and if you see VALUE in asking for
    assistance. That would be *practical application* in my way of seeing
    things. But not many here seem interested in this kind of practical
    application. At least i haven't seen anyone jumping on the bandwagon to hear
    more and or ask what they can do or offer suggestions or ask questions.
     Notice all the responses you received or that i received from our posts...i
    did get a few lurkers who emailed me bringing to my attention the fact that
    no one seems to care about "doing anything but argue and debate around here"
    just talking about it and arguing about it because arguing is part of the

    i asked David one time " what makes a "good conversation" and David said
    something like: a good conversation is a good argument....And there are
    certainly plenty of those around the MoQ boards. i said to a friend of mine:
    if all one looks for is good argument one may never find good agreement;
    it's not in the list of things they look for that constitute "good"
    conversation. Can someone here list the MoQ agreements? and if there was a
    list of MoQ agreements next to MoQ arguments which list would be greater? Is
    this what DQ looks like? Is that the only look of DQ?
    Sorry Boys, i think you can put your energies to better use but first you
    have to "see" other possibilities. No one wants to talk about that
    possibility, just argue against it or explain why it won't work.

    Sometimes it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland where the Griffith and Mock
    Turtle were telling Alice sad stories. Each waited for the other to finish
    and then they would say: "Well if you think That's a sad story listen to
    this one....." After a while everyone was drowning in their tears.

    GJ, Dustin sounds interested in you work. i'm interested in your work. Do
    you see a way for us to participate in your practice? Do you want
    participation from others?

    Maybe this will help me figure out if there's a rabbit hole around here

    Mari on'n

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