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Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 04:26:33 GMT

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    I have major issues with the philosophy of teaching "static patterns." Those
    issues are compounded when you suggest that I teach "static" because "holding
    static patterns together ... is what keeps the world from unraveling."

    What I am hearing you say is that it is better to domesticate than it is to
    educate. That is all static patterns are -- domestication. In static
    patterns there exists billions of tiny agreements that are made for me, not
    by me. I didn't choose to speak English. I didn't choose to be American. I
    didn't even get to choose my own name. Before I am old enough to decide for
    myself what is good and what is not good, more and more agreements are made
    for me --- "Don't trust black people." "Women aren't as smart as men."
    "Homosexuals are going to Hell." "What would Jesus do?" -- in all of these I
    had no choice but to believe with absolute faith.

    As I grew I gained the personal power to test those things that I had been
    told were unquestionable, and each time I decide to break one of those
    agreements I had to overcome fear.

    Why shouldn't this world unravel? Aren't we in Hell?

    It seems the "old ways" are domesticate the masses, teach them to be good
    citizens, and along the way the best will discover how to educate themselves
    and create "dynamic patterns."

    I have learned from experience that Love and Control are synonymous. The
    more Control you give to someone the more they will allow you to Control

    I want to give my students choices. I want them to decide for themselves
    what is good and what is not good. I say to them again and again, "You may
    say anything you want to say in my class as long as you can defend it." The
    other concept I am learning to adopt is "You may DO anything you want to do
    in my class as long as it offends no one."

    I believe if you give excellence, if you expect excellence, you will receive
    excellence. I know from research and experience that achievement rises and
    falls with expectation.

    Instead of domesticating all and hoping some learn to educate themselves, why
    don't we educate all with the expectation that they will domesticate

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