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Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 21:54:43 GMT

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    Don't those who are already teaching in these 'most socioeconomically
    challenged school districts' feel criticized by 'Teach for America' for
    teaching in the wrong way?

    No. Honestly, the teachers love TFA corps members. You must realize that the
    teachers that remain in these schools could usually move to a higher paying
    district if they wanted. It is true that some simply are poor enough
    teachers that they cannot get a job in other places, but most teachers are as
    committed to the cause as we are. We do not pretend to be "better" teachers.
     We are simply dedicated to a cause and willing to empty our souls for it.

    The other thing that is very nice is that most of these districts have
    nothing to lose. They achieve at levels so low that many are at risk of
    being taken over by the state. Usually, if you get results they will
    overlook the methods.

    Does that mean that you are already doing the same now ('teaching like
    Pirsig') on a less
    'socioeconomically challenged' school? Is that an accepted way of teaching

    I speak and teach the truth. I am willing to accept that my truth may not be
    absolute, so I welcome criticism. If I am wrong I will change. I admit that
    often another teacher will doubts my methods, but they also see that the kids
    love me. Once the kids love you they will do anything for you.

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