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Date: Thu Feb 06 2003 - 04:51:49 GMT

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    John, Dustin, All,

    I think we have to think back to how we first got into the whole idea of
    Quality. For me, it was a history teacher who mentioned the book a few times
    in class. Throughout my years in high school, we discussed the book often
    and applied it in different contexts. I don't think it is the teacher's
    ability that counts towards greatness, although that plays in, I think it is
    the teacher's ability to inspire the individual to seek knowledge on her own
    which makes him truly great.

    When you talk about teaching Quality then, I see it as setting the stage for
    this event to happen within the mind of the individual student, the moment
    when, inspired by a certain flash of insight, she says, "Hey, that sounds
    interesting, I think I'll check it out." For such an event to happen, a
    teacher must be charismatic, interesting, and responsive to students.

    I have tried to teach Dynamic and static Quality to my little brother, as
    well as explain his role as a chicken in a ruthless farmer's barn, but
    because I was lacking in charisma (among other things), I was promptly told
    to get the hell out of his room and let him go to sleep. Teaching Quality is
    a skill to be mastered, one which seems to work within moments of awareness
    rather than days of instruction and learning. However, I suppose a degree of
    sQ is required in establishing and keeping that initial charisma and interest
    which is an integral part of the inspiration process.


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