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Date: Sun Feb 02 2003 - 21:44:17 GMT

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    This post is about: 1.specialists, 2. How some of us become lurkers, 3. a
    first step to narrow the gap between MoQ discussion group subjects and our
    daily life experiences.

    Hi Mari, others..

    Mari said:
    It occured to me that one thing that would have to be sorted out in order to
    impliment a plan would be to figure out what every member was "best" at.

    She continued>
    In the several months here in the MoQdg i don't know what anyones specialty
    is. And then theres the item that *WE* would work on....what could that be?
    Where/what might we experiment on something to see if it can work. Nothing
    has ever been suggested as far as i know.

    So once again: Why are "WE" not working together to implement something
    *practical* beside a conversation in a vacuum? If nothing else why not
    through a few possibilities into the discussion?

    GJ says now:
    If I understand you well, you suggest we should narrow the gap between the
    things we talk about here and our daily life experiences. Do I understand
    you well if I put it like this?
    I agree, Mari, that we are sitting on a precious gem here. People from all
    around the world come here and share their ideas with each other. People
    from all over the globe. But if one listens to our conversations, he
    wouldn't hear any difference between someone from Moskow who has a
    completely different lifestyle than, for example, I have.

    I sometimes wonder how many people are on the list currently. Horse knows,
    probably. And, like you suggest, how big could the 'sum' be when the parts
    would work together. Or.. at least, not working against each other. (not
    that we are, offcourse :-) )

    I notice that a lot of people are 'specialists' on certain matter. To call
    yourself a specialist in a field is a bit out of the ordinary. We rather
    have someone else to call us a specialist. The idea of telling the MoQdg
    about how great you are on certain matter is a bit strange. We rather wait
    until some subject comes allong where we find 'ourselves' in. But, most of
    the time, the difficulty of the conversation is jumping from 'common sense'
    to 'highly academic'. If you haven't read 'the complete history of western
    philosophy' but are just grasped by ZMM and Lila you can't follow what is
    going on. It makes you wonder if you belong between such 'philosophical
    greatness'. It makes you 'wait'. Let's wait until i've found some more
    evidence to support my thoughts. And instead of sharing your experiences
    with 'your global friends', you sit back and read the other posts. Not
    knowing that the Pattern of the MoQ has silenced you. The discussion group
    where you expected to experience the same 'feeling of release' you had after
    zmm and lila, is now showing you another brick wall. Or, is it?
    Theoretically the MoQ discussion group can never be extinguished by its own
    patterns. Can it?

    Mari, In another thread you asked me>
    GJ, What is it that you do when not looking into Reiki? Where do you live?
     I think you asked this question to start some kind of a 'What do you do
    with the MoQ, and how is it affecting your life'- thread. Maybe seeking for
    a common ground to start from.

    Well then, here it goes:
      I am a school teacher. I'm currently trying to bring 23 eleven year olds
    in contact with the MoQ. trying to find out if it makes teaching easier. To
    do that I made a giant poster with boxes piled on top of each other that
    visualizes the levels of the MoQ. It is a piramid up side down. They
    understand that one can be succesfull in different area's and that the giant
    white cloud above those boxes visualizes the undiscovered area that the
    world left there for them. 'Maybe one of you will find a new box', I tell
    them.. 'go there and enjoy'

      I don't know a lot of the philosophies of the past like plato and
    Wittgenstein. I tried on several occasions to read and remember what they
    said, but I don't seem to be interested enough to hold their words in my
    mind. And their words don't give me much social use for I don't have
    academic people around me who have similar vocabulair. Only the MoQ.

    So, the connection between my daily life and the MoQ is primary
    'translating' happenings into worldviews and vice versa. Like with the
    thread about reiki, I try to find a manual for this mental motorcycle. I
    searched a long time for a reason why I was so interested in finding a way
    to use our mental possibilities. After reading ZMM and LILA, I don't bother
    about that annymore. To be Curious is enough. It means that 'something'
    wants to know and it uses me to find out.
      So, Am I a specialist? Well.. I believe it was Pirsig who said: 'If no one
    can help you with a certain problem you have, then you are a specialist on
    that matter." or something similar.

    Well.. How do you suggest to go further


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