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Date: Sun Feb 02 2003 - 19:43:50 GMT

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    have you ever seen that cartoon Dr. Katz?
    There was this one episode where Dr. Katz tells
    his patient how perceptive he is and the patient
    answers yes I used to think the most important
    organ was the brain then I said wait, what's
    telling me that?

    That cracked me up. Okay so it kind of reminded me
    if every level had an part that was dominating and
    telling the person that it was the most important.

    I think its pretty obvious what part we would put
    for each level but what would you assoicate the
    doll with. I always kind of pictured it as
    an antenna type thing which why I thought that
    previous discussion of wavelengths was interesting.

    I think this "antenna" is telling the "brain" he ain't
    so top organ anymore. Which why that cartoon cracked
    me up. I also think the character Pheadrus fluctuates between the two?

    Also Steve Martin's "The Man with Two Brains"
    always cracks me up--it's like phaedrus and lila in
    a comedy.



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