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Date: Sat Feb 08 2003 - 12:37:43 GMT

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    > Rorty suggests that philosophers
    > like Plato, Kant, and Pirsig are trying to hold reality and justice in a
    > single vision, are trying to find out where in reality it says that certain
    > things are wrong and certain things right. Rorty suggests that we keep
    > these visions separate.

    This is dreadful, and displays your ignorance to a very disturbing degree.
    Reality IS just, and is therefore the concern of everyone, regardless of
    their position.

    Nazi's are just in that they forcefully promote their social values over
    those of everyone else. In fact, jews do the same, but in a less offensive
    way, and so on as is the case with all social patterns; that is their
    business, to compete for survival. The best social values promote
    intellectual freedom, and are measured by intellectual freedom.

    A Nazi cannot highjack the MoQ, for the MoQ explicitly states the above.
    This points to a feature of the MoQ which promotes variety within a unified
    whole; that is to say, the MoQ values Dynamism and wishes for those
    circumstances to exist that help to resonate reality in a just, beautiful,
    and harmonious unity.

    When Rorty separates that which cannot be so, you begin to sound like a bit
    of an ignoramus.


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