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Date: Sat Feb 08 2003 - 12:44:48 GMT

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    > At the risk of resurrecting dead threads, this is a conceit that goes back
    > to Socrates, and the search for the definition of the good. When Socrates
    > seeks a particular definition, he is precisely seeking that intellectual
    > certainty which cannot be found - and, in fact, using his dialectical
    > method
    > politically, to overthrow those who articulated the values of Athenian
    > society at the time.

    Hello there,
    Socrates used elenchus and not dialectic. Dialectic is Plato's invention.
    The good cannot be defined and this is explicitly stated by Plato in The
    However, the good is the source of everything and as such begins to sound
    like Quality; it is those later thinkers who wished to use the transcendent
    for their own social purposes that cause perturbation and despair.
    The Athenian polis was run by thugs, and Plato simply wished for these
    individuals to love each other. He wished for them to 'beget in love' visions
    of how things ought to be when we look the absolute in the face and delight
    in its presence.


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