Re: MD NAZIs and Pragmatism

Date: Sat Feb 08 2003 - 23:15:48 GMT

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    Matt said:
    "Rorty suggests that philosophers like Plato, Kant, and Pirsig are trying
    to hold reality and justice in a single vision...."

    Squonk said:
    "Reality IS just, and is therefore the concern of everyone, regardless of
    their position."

    Thank you, Squonk, for pointing out your agreement with me on this point.
    When listing the great philosophers who try to hold reality and justice in
    a single vision, I'll be sure to include you next time.


    Sq: But Not with Rorty, who suggests we keep these visions separate, which is
    what i was getting at. But then, Rorty is not on the same wavelength as
    By the way, i notice you insist upon referring to Pirsig as a philosopher,
    which he is, but not in the sense that Plato et al are often thought of.
    Pirsig is not into philosophology, which you and Plato et al are. Pirsig is
    the real thing.


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