RE: MD Pirsig's conception of ritual

From: David Buchanan (
Date: Sun Feb 09 2003 - 00:28:42 GMT

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    Sam and all:

    Sam said:
    I know you might find it hard to believe, but I'm not trying to grind an axe
    with this. I can honestly say that I didn't think about the Mass once when I
    was writing it - I just went to the end of chapter 30 and tried to summarise
    it in my own words.

    DMB says:
    OK. You're not grinding any axes. I'll take your word on that. No problem.
    (But you can't really blame me for suspecting such a thing, can you? I mean,
    given the topic and your vocation, its only natural to wonder, eh?)

    Sam said:
    Now, would you like to come back with specific amendments to those five
    points, rather than worrying about an agenda that I may or may not have?

    DMB says:
    The comments I already posted are not invalidated by my suspicion, which I
    only expressed in the last paragraph and in a way that was not specifically
    linked to any of your numbered assertions. I too looked at chapter 30 before
    posting, and my comments are only meant to refine, clarify, and specify. I
    mean, removing the suspicion does not alter anything except that last
    paragraph, which we'll pretend I never wrote. Which was only a guess, after

    DMB wondered if an axe was being sharpened for battle:
    If I had to guess what you're getting at, what you're trying to imply, I'd
    say no way. Attending mass does not make you free. It is not likely to
    precipitate a DQ experience. The institutional religions of the West seem
    hell bent on preventing evolution and transcendence. I'm sure Pirsig is not
    suggesting we Westerners become church goers again. Enough for now.

    Tag. You're it.


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