Re: MD Transubstantiation

From: Sam Norton (
Date: Mon May 02 2005 - 08:15:24 BST

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    Hi Ian,

    > The thing that keeps angering me is seeing theologians using bad,
    > out-dated pseudo-science, dishonest-rhetoric to back up their
    > religious beliefs.

    Is there a place where I have been guilty of this? (Could easily have been,
    I'm not assuming there isn't).


    "The invention of science is not the reason that there are no longer
    witch-hunts, but the fact that there are no longer witch-hunts is the reason
    that science has been invented. The scientific spirit, like the spirit of
    enterprise in an economy, is a by-product of the profound action of the
    Gospel text. The modern Western world has forgotten the revelation in favor
    of its by-products, making them weapons and instruments of power; and now
    the process has turned against it. Believing itself a liberator, it
    discovers its role as persecutor." Rene Girard

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