Re: MD Science vs. Theism: Where's The Beef?

From: Sam Norton (
Date: Tue May 03 2005 - 07:08:52 BST

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    Hi Mark,

    Quickly picking up on one thing:

    > msh on and on:
    > So, to me the interesting question has always been, why do
    > theologians so often appear to seek the imprimatur of science?
    > Scott:
    > This is where you and DMB are out of date. Some theologians used to make
    > pseudo-scientific arguments (of the God of the gaps sort), but most have
    > learned not to. There are still many theists around who continue to do so,
    > but the higher quality theology does not.
    > msh:
    > Sam says it's because they have absorbed the ideology of the age.
    > You guys need to get your stories straight. It's like I've nabbed a
    > couple of criminals and have them in different interrogation rooms.
    > :O)

    I think this betrays an incorrect assumption on your part. A) neither Scott
    nor I accept transubstantiation; B) as a Christian I see Quality in the
    Eucharist; C) as a non-Christian I imagine Scott does not see Quality in the
    Eucharist (but is probably happy for Christians to see it); D) the
    assumption that we're going to agree on everything is therefore
    illegitimate. Besides which, it's not clear that our arguments contradict:
    surely the fact that we have different arguments is a strength for the views
    we hold in common, not a weakness?

    On the specific points, I would suggest that those theologians who seek a
    scientific imprimatur are using an understanding of theology which makes
    verifiable claims (ie scientifically verifiable), which is therefore derived
    from Descartes/SOM. As Scott says, all the decent theologians avoid
    pseudo-scientific arguments (as they also avoid SOM).


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