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Date: Sun Feb 09 2003 - 09:50:05 GMT

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    Hi Squonk

    Indeed you have not been rude to me, I was thinking of your comments to

    I think the area of elenchus/irony/dialectic is one where we agree on the
    substance. We could get involved in some detailed exegesis but I see no
    point. Let's say that Socrates used elenchus and Plato developed dialectic
    from it, would you agree?

    However, you say that "Socrates was not so much interested in definitions of
    ethical terms as showing no one has them." That is an interpretation - a
    perfectly valid one, lots of people agree with you - but it's not one that I
    share, for reasons that I've gone into before.

    Sq: For Socrates, life is preparation for death. That's a bit Upanishadic
    isn't it?

    All that I know about the Upanishads is what I have gleaned from Pirsig. I
    have made no separate study of them.

    Would you say that Plato had a positive view of the emotions?


    "I am not altogether on anybody's side, because nobody is altogether on my
    side, if you understand me... And there are some things, of course, whose
    side I'm altogether not on; I am against them altogether." -- Treebeard

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