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Date: Wed May 04 2005 - 19:38:07 BST

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    Hi Mark, also Platt,

    Thanks for the generous response, which I'll think about. But for the time
    being, I would just say that I can't at first sight see anything in your
    summary with which Ayn Rand would disagree, particularly your last point: "a
    fully-realized, fully-informed, unrestricted human being will reject
    state-supported capitalism as a very low-quality form of socio-economic
    organization" (although her objection would be to the 'state' bit, not the
    'capitalism' bit, in so far as they can be distinguished).

    I'd be interested to know if there was anything in your list with which
    Platt would disagree.

    More later,

    "Anarchism is not a fixed set of ideas; it's a tendency in human thought
    that is trying to identify kinds of authority and domination and, if they
    can't justify themselves which they rarely can, to work to overcome them.
    That means overcoming state authority. It also means overcoming the
    autocracy of capitalist enterprise, which is simply another form of
    hierarchy and domination. It means overcoming sexist repression. Whatever
    you find. Sometimes authority can be justified. So, for example, you stop a
    three-year old kid from running across the street into traffic. That's
    authority, but I think you can give a justification for it. However, the
    burden of proof is always on those with the authority. They have to
    demonstrate that their authority and control is legitimate and that
    justification can very rarely be given." (Chomsky)

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