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Date: Wed May 04 2005 - 23:19:41 BST

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    Hi Sam....

    I like that Chomsky quote; I've used it many times. I hope by using
    it you are not suggesting that I cannot be both an anarchist AND a
    fully-realized, fully-informed, unrestricted human being. :o(

    Anyway, while you're thinking, focus on my notion of a fully-
    realized human being, because therein lies the huge difference
    between the Objectivists and me. By my definition, no fully-realized
    person would make an attempt to cleverly rationalize selfishness,
    much less make "The Virtue of Selfishness," the cornerstone of her
    ethical philosophy:

    "The Objectivist ethics, in essence, hold that man exists for his own
    sake, that the pursuit of his own happiness is his highest moral
    purpose, that he must not sacrifice himself to others, nor sacrifice
    others to himself." -Ayn Rand

    Aware of our common humanity, our common identity, the fully-realized
    woman understands that her own happiness is NOT the highest moral
    purpose. The fully-realized man will focus exclusively on his own
    needs only until his survival with a modicum of leisure is secured.
    And although the bit about sacrifice sounds similar to my notion of
    choosing not to exploit others, in Rand's words it is a transparent
    attempt to fend off the devastating criticism of her ethics. The
    reason Objectivism is the darling of the capitalist class is that it
    affords them a small but undeserved comfort.

    In this thread I will attempt to argue that any flavor of
    uncontrolled capitalism leads to environmental, natural resource, and
    human exploitation, and, eventually, to its own destruction. I
    believe Marx was right about this, and that massive state-
    subsidization of large-scale capitalist institutions is the only
    reason they are still around.

    Looking forward to more in this thread.

    Mark Steven Heyman (msh)

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    especially selfish ones." - Alexander Solzhenitsyn
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