Re: MD Hume, Paley and Intelligent Design

From: Arlo J. Bensinger (
Date: Sat May 07 2005 - 15:21:35 BST

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    > I'll be on the lookout for a philosophy that intellectualizes spiritually-
    > inspired values outlined in the Bible and other religious documents. It
    > would seem that spiritual and intellectual understandings are basically
    > incompatible bedfellows. But I live to learn.

    Just for the record... I don't know if I'd say "all" spiritual values can be
    intellectually reasoned (just like you have correctly pointed out many times-
    if I understand- are understood aesthetically or pre-intellectually). But I do
    think many can (such as "don't kill"). However, which are which I have no
    formula to determine.

    But, now that I am thinking about it... isn't much of theology itself an attempt
    to intellectualize spiritual values (albeit from one nationalistic
    perspective)? All I am saying is that a philosophy can do this without relying
    on the mandate of one particular national deity. But, of course, I could be

    > Thanks for an interesting exchange.

    Yep, you got me thinking (or re-thinking) a number of things. That's a good
    exchange for me. :-)


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