Re: MD the ideology of capitalism - the Ayn Rand question

From: Arlo J. Bensinger (
Date: Tue May 10 2005 - 16:42:23 BST

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    [Platt wrote]
    > You obviously forgot or never realized that all the goods ever produced and
    all the wealth ever created that makes it possible for governments to build
    libraries and museums and pay firemen and policemen comes from the minds of
    individuals orchestrating productive work.

    This ignores the emergent relationship between the individual and the society.
    As each "generation" of individuals produce "wealth", they do so bootstrapped
    by the social infrastructure left by the previous generation. Then that
    generation strengthen the social infrastructure for the future generation.

    Thus, our "libraries" allow present and future generations to "build more
    wealth" than the generations prior. To imply (or state outright) that the
    social infrastructure is merely a product of individuals, and has not
    dialectical relationship with them, is merely the fabrication of "the
    individual apart from society". He/She does not exist.


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