Re: MD the ideology of capitalism - the Ayn Rand question

From: Sam Norton (
Date: Mon May 16 2005 - 14:08:58 BST

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    Hi Mark,

    On to the Ayn Rand bit.

    > First, I understand that Rand did not use the word "selfish" in the
    > normal way. I also believe that her ethical ideas have been
    > carefully developed over 45 years to give the impression that
    > Objectivists really do believe that it is wrong to sacrifice others
    > for oneself. I'm saying that Objectivists who embrace unregulated
    > capitalism (which is their goddamn raisin deeter after all) are
    > either hypocrites or oblivious to the realities of unregulated
    > capitalism. That is, they are either lying or stupid. To prove this,
    > all I need to do is show that capitalism REQUIRES the sacrifice of
    > many for the benefit of a few. That's what I hoped to work on in the
    > pre-Rand version of this thread.

    OK, so you can pursue that line of argument in the 'what is capitalism'
    element of the thread. If you succeed, the argument follows logically.

    > Second, I know you see similarities between Objectivism and the idea
    > of a fully-realized human being, and there are some.


    > But the two
    > systems cannot possibly be identical because of one very important
    > fact: Objectivists see individuals as absolutely distinct from one
    > another; the FRH understands that all humans share a common humanity,
    > and that any perceived difference between individuals is a cultural
    > illusion.

    So does that mean that the difference between Chomsky and Rand is an
    illusion? The difference between FRH's and non-FRH's is illusory? I think
    you need to spell things out more there.

    eek. running out of time. Maybe more tomorrow....


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