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Date: Thu May 19 2005 - 00:09:05 BST

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    Hi Erin,

    > I'm not really sure if I consider a pragmatic approach to be desirable yet
    > or not. I don't think I know enough about it to make that decision yet.
    > But what I AM interested in figuring out whether the MoQ is pragmatic or
    > not....a little bit ago one person suggested to others to leave the group
    > with the justification that this is a pragmatic philosophy (even though
    > their approach to discussion seems far from pragmatic). So this isn't
    > really about if I find the pragmatic approach desirable it is about
    > figuring out if the MoQ is pragmatic so I can get some consistent answers.
    > Are you saying you don't think it is?

    Yes, I am saying I don't think it is, given the common understanding of
    "pragmatic" as "practical." All you have to do to be convinced of its
    impracticality is to look at the wide diversity of opinion it engenders on
    this site devoted to understanding and applying it to everyday affairs.
    If anywhere on the planet agreement could be found about the practical
    application of the MOQ, it would be here. But it has yet to emerge.

    Many of course will then ask, "If it hasn't any practical application,
    what good is it?" Which is precisely what Pirsig objects to about
    pragmatism. "The MOQ states that practicality is a social pattern of good.
    It is immoral for truth to surbodinated to social values since that is a
    lower form of evolution devouring a higher one." (Lila, 29) And that's
    precisely why people ought to question the social engineering schemes that
    liberals love so much.

    Now the libs are going to object to my interpretation which proves my
    point about the MOQ's impracticality. Fortunately, I don't think anyone
    here would want to force their interpretation of the MOQ on their fellow
    man, no matter how convinced they were that it offered practical solutions
    to what they consider social problems..

    Or would they? You be judge, Erin. Thanks to many who have gone before us,
    that is your right and precious freedom.

    If there's any practical application of the MOQ, that's it -- to judge
    freely and to be able to express your judgment without fear.


    P.S. My own question about value is: If it doesn't elicit awe, love,
    laughter or tears, what good is it? For me, the MOQ is good because it's
    awesome because it breaks old patterns of thinking, awesome in its
    intellectual beauty.

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