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Date: Fri May 27 2005 - 16:29:44 BST

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    A touch of vile (apologies to Orson Wells):

    But there is NO scientific support for the idea,
    say, that members of any one "race" are less intelligent or more
    prone to aggression than members of a different "race."

    Except for the "The Bell Curve," supported by a public statement
    signed by 52 internationally known experts on intelligence published
    in the Wall St. Journal 12/13/94? Check it out at:

    msh May 27, 2005:
    The carnival barker says, "Follow the thread and be more than
    amazed!" This particular treatise on the "superiority" of one race
    above another is but a sideshow attraction, shown to be precisely
    that should one decide to investigate posts after 9108.

    Of course, TFP's ideas are posted and clung to, no matter the
    existence of contrary reality. This is the essence of dogma: believe
    it 'cause it feels good. Pay no attention to that man behind the
    curtain... Dorothy, on a carousel of her own, nevertheless sees the
    light in the Emerald City, and figures a way to honestly step off.

    Only to hear...

    "This way... this way... two dogs for a nickle..."

    Think for yourself, and save five cents. (Or tuppence? Sam, Ant,
    Ian: I need a lesson. Is a pound different from a shilling? What's
    a crown? A bob? A sovereign?)

    Anyway, watch your step....

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