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Date: Tue May 31 2005 - 06:54:13 BST

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    Platt Holden wrote:
    > Hi All:

    > Carey, writes Lodge, ". . . tackles the question raised in his title by
    > posing a serious of sub-questions: What is a work of art? Is high art
    > superior? Can science help? Do the arts make us better? Can art be a
    > religion? His answers are brief: anything; no; not much; not as a rule;
    > no."

    Hi Platt,

    My understand of the MOQ gives the following answers to these questions raised

    What is a work of art? Anything.

    Is high art superior? No. Although some who appreciate the art and the word argue that
    their social standing increases if they do so. At one stage this was the popular
    opinion and this explains the existence of the term.

    Can science help? Yes, science is simply another form of the same thing. (SODV)

    Do the arts make us better? Of course.

    Can art be a religion? Is art religion already? As said earlier, art is anything.
    What I think he was referring to here however is a 'devotion' to the concept of
    art, kind of like a religion complete with heretics and priesthoods. In this
    regard he is probably right but it is a stretch and in my opinion it doesn't
    improve our understanding of art or religion, so such a devision, while not
    incorrect, is not very valuable either.


    David Harding.

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