Re: MD What Good Are the Arts?

Date: Tue May 31 2005 - 18:50:38 BST

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    Scott (in broken record mode):
    Intellect also lies at the heart of what it means to be a human being, and
    the inability of the MOQ to come to grips with Intellect (as creative and
    transcending) is the Achilles heel of the MOQ.

    - Scott

    Hello Scott,
    I am afraid i do not understand why you say the MOQ is unable to come to
    grips with Intellect as creative and transcending? If i tell you what i think
    about it then maybe you can help me?
    I ask myself what the Intellect is and the MOQ tells me it is patterns of
    value or static quality. Anthony McWatt's thesis says allot more about this too
    as well as Lila. I remember that Dynamic Quality, which is the same no matter
     what patterns of value we think about (Inorganic, Biological etc) evolves sq
    and is the goal of sq.
    Intellect sq is evolving i think day to day.
    Any intellectual progress like maybe a scientist making a new theory up is
    intellectual evolution happening right under our noses. And that is creative
    and transcending right there for you any time you look at it.
    I am surprised you don't think of this Scott.
    Thank you.

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