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Date: Tue May 31 2005 - 21:30:10 BST

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    Hi All:

    Bo Skutvik, my Norwegian friend who once was a regular contributor to the
    MD, has a paper on the Forum entitled "The SOL" which stands for "Subject-
    Object Level." His contention: Pirsig's 4th level is the value of subject-
    object intellect.

    Today I happened to run across the following paragraph from Pirsig notes
    to the Copleston article which appears to support Bo's contention:

    "Value goes behind consciousness. It exists where there is no intellectual
    consciousness, and analysis of it (referring to intellectual
    consciousness) shows that it essentially involves the subject-object
    relationship. In primitive consciousness subject and object are virtually
    or confusedly present. In the pre-intellectual consciousness of an infant
    value is present and there are no subjects and objects " (parens added)

    What caught my eye was the connection between "intellectual consciousness"
    and "subject-object relationship" which is Bo's point about the 4th level.

    Carrying Bo's idea a bit further, we can cast the levels as 1) the value
    of inorganic consciousness, 2) the value of biological consciousness, 3)
    the value of social consciousness and 4) the value of intellectual or
    subject-object consciousness.

    The problem comes, of course, in trying to describe what consciousness is
    like at the lower levels. Does my cat differentiate between itself and a
    mouse in a subject-object way? Does social consciousness mean my group vs
    your group?

    Another problem: What's the difference between consciousness, mind,
    intellect, awareness and experience at the different levels? Or at the top
    level for that matter?


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