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Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 16:48:53 GMT

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    Hi David, Matt, Platt, all,

    Matt said:
    I think the issue is whether Pirsig thinks he's found the correct final
    vocabulary that reality wishes we would just get on and describe it as or
    whether Pirsig thinks he is just offering us one more way of describing

    DMB said:
    He says its not that the MOQ is any truer than SOM in any abosolute Hegalian
    sense, whatever that is, its just that the MOQ explain more of the world and
    explains it better. He says all our intellectual constructs are provisional,
    good only until something better comes along. He refers to philosophies as
    if they were just so many paintings hanging in a gallery. To explore
    philosophy and philosophers, he says, start with the ones you like, the ones
    you already agree with. He's loaded Lila up with sassy stuff like that. I
    don't know if I would have thought to call this a pragmatist reading, I just
    think its groovy.

    Platt said:
    All I am arguing, and have ever argued, is that the MOQ is a better
    metaphysics than its rivals, including Rorty's metaphysics that denies

    Sam wonders: are we seeing glimmerings of agreement? In other words, that
    Pirsig's analogy of philosophies being like paintings is something that
    applies to the MoQ as well, and that we can all agree on that?


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