Re: MD Metaphysics and Pragmatism

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Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 15:47:53 GMT

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    Hi Sam et al:

    > Sam wonders: are we seeing glimmerings of agreement? In other words, that
    > Pirsig's analogy of philosophies being like paintings is something that
    > applies to the MoQ as well, and that we can all agree on that?
    I agree. It also applies to such "scientific" theories as evolution, mind a
    product of brain, independent reality, empirical world of facts, Big Bang,
    relativity, speed of light, etc. In the theoretical world, nothing is
    permanent. This reflects the old theoretical absolute: "Everything is

    The problem comes in that 1) the statement contradicts itself, and 2)
    temporarily we have to act to live, demanding we take one absolute road
    after another. Having made a decision and taken the action, we can't
    take it back and we have to live (or die) with the consequences.

    What connects the temporary theoretical (subjective) world with the
    temporary trying-to-stay-alive (objective) world are values. Some
    thoughts, like some acts, are better than others. That's theoretically and
    objectively permanent.


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