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From: Platt Holden (
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 14:21:44 GMT

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    > Platt said:
    > But Pirsig--like Rorty, like you,
    > like me-- could be wrong. He's admitted as much. I'd like to see Rorty do
    > the same.
    > Matt:
    > Is that all you want? Well, hell, I coulda' produced that ages ago.
    > Unfortunately, I can't find the best places where he says outright,
    > roughly, "History may show that pragmatism is one more stepping stone on
    > the way towards something else," but this is kinda' close:

    Hardly an admission that pragmatism could be wrong .

    > Rorty's hope and prediction is that pragmatism is our age held in thought.

    But, he could be wrong.

    > He's providing one more philosophical picture just as other philosophers
    > like Pirsig do.

    But, like Pirsig, Rorty could be wrong. I'd like to see him admit it.

    > Pragmatists think that there are an infinite number of pictures.

    But, they could be wrong.

    > I've been pushing a pragmatist reading of Pirsig because I believe Pirsig
    > shows both tendencies.

    But, you could be wrong. Hell, that's not hard to admit, is it?


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