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    On 31 March 12:44 PM Johnny writes:

    Rick says:
    In my last post I identified the problem I detected in your view as failure
    to recognize Dynamic Quality as a kind of morality. I suggested that your
    view left no satisfactory way to explain how moral change occurs
    and pointed to some of the awkward corners that your failure to offer such
    an explanation had painted you into.

    Johnny says:
    Which I explained my way out of by pointing out that SQ contains many
    patterns of change, but you just re-ascribed those static patterns to DQ and
    said I was still in the corner.

    Hi Johnny, Rick and other interested parties:

    What an interesting thread you are pursuing! I have a very narrow
    perspective on this. I want to keep my thoughts logical to an instinctive
    sensing of reality. I hope you don't mind my two cents worth of an
    explanation of the dynamics.

    How can I form a static pattern? I do not abstract it, as that would
    presuppose mind/will and subject/object difficulties. As a child I
    experience things. Through intuiting dq and the memory of repeated
    experiences I form patterns sq and learn words to express them, or make up
    words. My awareness through this activity forms a pattern of myself to
    which I give the name 'I'. My pattern seems to be composed of dq and
    memory. How can I change the pattern?

    My awareness seems to be a field generated by my DNA like a gravity field
    around a planet. It is not simply knowledge since many times I do what I do
    not wish, and do not do what I wish. From the activity of forming 'I', my
    awareness acquires a center of gravity peculiar to me which makes me an
    unique individual. What is this center of gravity?

    I propose that there are three aspects of dq which I can instinctively
    sense. Only one aspect of dq is available in my awareness in a moment of
    awareness. All three aspects of dq are present in the formation of
    patterns, including the pattern 'I'. The center of gravity of my awareness
    is the habitual use of one aspect of dq in my awareness of the pattern.

    There is no morality in undefined dq. I propose that the dq quality
    'existence' determines a moral order. Changes of other aspects of dq
    changes the pattern.

    The witch focused on the existence of the Suni social order which hung him
    by his thumbs. Then he focused on the existence of the white social order
    as being rapacious, greedy, and indiscriminate enough to force the priests
    to allow him to pursue his purpose. He turned to the government troops,
    which was a dynamic choice as it had a different focus on dq 'purpose', the
    dq of allowing another to pursue a purpose more freely, and he sent his

    The government troops challenged the priesthood and imprisoned the war
    priest. When he got out of prison the priest saw that his power was broken
    by being conquered, and accepted the situation that another social order was
    stronger, and the futility of resistance. Another dynamic choice. I can
    change according to what dq I pay attention to in a pattern. I am changed
    by circumstances. War! Life and death! If I respond to a different aspect
    of dq in a pattern, I change everything! "The world is contained in a grain
    of sand."


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