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Date: Wed Apr 02 2003 - 14:55:09 BST

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    Hey Joe:
    > My awareness seems to be a field generated by my DNA like a gravity field
    > around a planet.

    How about looking at it another way? Since bodily organs directly or
    indirectly respond to and utilize environmental phenomena (lungs-air,
    stomach-food, eyes-scene) perhaps the brain likewise responds to and
    utilizes a field of awareness already present in the environment. In other
    words, just as we're born into a world of oxygen with lungs needed to
    survive in that world, we're born into a world of awareness with a brain
    likewise needed to survive. Furthermore, perhaps this field of awareness
    is Dynamic Quality that a newborn baby responds to without mediation.
    Perhaps it is the "pre-intellectual" value identified in the MoQ that lies
    between the subject and the object, a value more immediate and
    directly sensed than any self or any object later assigned by the
    "patterning" mind.

    What do you think?

    I'm confused by your claim that there are "three aspects of dq present in
    the formation of patterns." Perhaps if you could spell out specifically
    where you differ from the MoQ, I'd understand your position better. Then
    again, maybe not. :-).



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