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From: johnny moral (
Date: Thu Apr 03 2003 - 22:43:25 BST

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    Hi Steve,

    Ah, so my first post DID make it. For some reason I never got it, so I
    re-typed in all that pirsig this morning and tried to recreate my post. I
    thought it was the word "explosive" that triggered some FBI filter or
    something. So thanks for replying to that one. Or, did I send it just to
    you and not the list?

    I'll let you look it up before I challenge your interpretation. In my book
    it is page 336.

    I think he is using morality in the way that I use it, and isn't saying that
    what is moral is immoral in some larger sense.


    >From: Steve Peterson <>
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    >Subject: Re: MD Intellectual Art (Dynamic Morality)
    >Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 12:16:57 -0500
    >Hi Johnny,
    >You said:
    > > I have some more comments, this time I come strapped with explosive
    > > quotes.
    > > Lila chapter 26:
    > > "Phaedrus recognized that there's nothing <i>immoral</i> in a culture
    > > being ready to accept something Dynamic."
    > >
    > > So, I think Pirsig and I are using it the same way. Assuming that what
    > > means by Dynamic is 'better' (a defintion of Dynamic that is
    > > self-referential and circular, if you ask me) he is specifically saying
    > > moral DOES NOT equal better.
    > >
    >I've lent my copy of Lila, so I can't look up the context, but I would
    >assume he is saying that *within the social moral order*, it is moral for a
    >society to preserve itself and protect itself from change, but the social
    >level is not the whole of the MOQ universe.
    >I suppose taking each level individually, one could say it is moral to
    >with the flock," as someone summed up your philosophy, but when taking the
    >moral orders of the four levels and DQ as a whole, I think you are
    >misinterpreting Pirsig.
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