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Date: Sun Apr 06 2003 - 02:20:41 BST

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    Platt, Scott and all:

    > > "Quality is uncharacterizable" is a self-refuting statement, as it
    > > characterizes Quality.
    > Yes. To say we can't define ultimately reality is to define it.
    > > Sometimes self-refuting statements are useful. Actually, I'll go
    > > and say that sometimes they are necessary.
    > How so? Please explain. Like the sound of one hand clapping perhaps?

    DMB says:
    I don't think it needs to be all that fancy, Gents. Even if we could say
    that its indefinability constitutes a definition, which I don't think we
    can, the problem is really just one of linguistic construction. To say it is
    beyond definition is not to define it, it is simply the negation of any
    definition. The meaning of the statement is not actually self-refuting at
    all and so we don't need any ironic koans about paradoxes or anything else.
    The assertion can be re-phrased to avoid the appearance of
    self-contradiction very, very easily because its not really there in the
    first place. We could say that it is beyond all concepts, including
    definability and indefinability.


    P.S. Its all about you.

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