Re: MD What is a fact?

From: Elizaphanian (
Date: Wed Apr 09 2003 - 09:18:13 BST

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    Hi David,

    > My point? We can allow that both
    > societies and individuals are complex forests of static patterns. it does
    > NOT follow from this complexity, however, that the top two levels are
    > or fused or indistinct.

    I think your argument makes logical sense, but I'm not convinced that it
    marries up with "the facts". I'm still dubious about the viability of
    social/intellectual as the boundary between level three and four, especially
    given Pirsig's clarification of intellect as 'manipulation of symbols'. I
    see language as unavoidably social - it is what holds the social level in
    being - yet if that isn't 'manipulation of symbols' I don't know what is.


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