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Date: Sun Apr 13 2003 - 19:56:07 BST

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    Hi, DMB, all,

    I have started reading Wilber's Sex, Ecology, Spirituality. While Pirsig's
    metaphysical hierarchy is based on patterns, Wilber's is based on what he
    calls holons.

    For the benefit of others not familiar with the term, a holon is a
    whole/part. There is no such thing as an individual in the sense of "not
    divisible." "Things" are simultaneously parts and wholes just as a cell is
    composed of molecules and molecules are composed of atoms and so on both up
    and down the chain. (DMB, please correct me if I lead astray.)

    In the past I have though that you were making the mistake of classifying
    "things," but perhaps your concept of pattern of value is influenced by
    Wilber's holons.

    Do you think of these terms in the same way? How would you distinguish


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