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Date: Tue Apr 15 2003 - 21:08:59 BST

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    Dear Platt,

    You wrote 15 Apr 2003 12:18:21 -0400 that you missed Kuitert's statement
    that postmodern culture is a necessary stage and asked me to refer you back
    to it.

    It was in the part of the article which you copied into your e-mail of 14
    Apr 2003 12:47:03 -0400 and with which you expressed agreement.

    I copy your own e-mail underneath and the parts of my e-mails with
    translations of Kuitert's article (the context) at the very bottom.

    The question I asked you was whether you agree not only with Kuitert's
    criticism of postmodern culture (which is not necessarily the same as
    'postmodernism' as discussed on this list!) but also with his solution,
    which is accepting postmodern culture as a necessary stage and then trying
    'to rise above that emptiness, by searching for the only real experience
    that does matter and that is universal.'

    I agree that the ability to create and experience beauty is a way of
    experiencing the divine (as you wrote 15 Apr 2003 08:36:45 -0400 in other
    words), as is the ability to 'see' and make visible to others unity (the
    real meaning of 'religion', from Latin re-ligare). It is more so, I think,
    than the ability to 'command the word', because that ability can be turned
    in on itself and create postmodern emptiness.
    I'm doubtful about your statement "Art is a reflection of the spirit
    within". I don't like to locate the divine 'within' if that implies that it
    is not 'without'. The divine is for me that which connects and supersedes
    the distinction between 'within' and 'without', between 'me' and 'you',
    between 'subject' and 'object'. "Art reflects the spirit" as "Religion
    reflects the spirit" (if we take both art and religion 'as they are meant'
    and not as they sometimes appear in degenerate forms, if we take them as
    pointers to the moon and not as ends and final forms in themselves).

    With friendly greetings,


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